CREM ULTRAVIOLED® offers energy efficiency, provides high intensity and flexibility with fast return on investiment.

The result of superior effiency compared to H-UV and UV, offers an immediate post-press, cut and finish.

ULTRAVIOLED® has infinite configuration and installation options: the conventional configuration consiste of a head of 1 or 1 led lamps, normally install on the papel exit of the press machine before the varnish tower, (printing units dedicated to varnish), also to job needs after varnish tower, (printing unit dedicated to varnish). The installation of a second led lamp curing white covering, is also available.

ULTRAVIOLED® is compatible with any offset press of the world.

ULTRAVIOLED® with 50% less consumption than a conventional UV or H-UV curing system.

ULTRAVIOLED® no especial and expensive cylinders are required.

ULTRAVIOLED® does not heat inside of the offset printer or heat the paper. Any emitter that is not LED emits a great heat like the conventional UV or H-UV

ULTRAVIOLED® curing without problems adhesive media, glossy and matte couch paper, plastified sheets, lenticular plastic and most packaging plastics, labels and most vinyls.

ULTRAVIOLED®, when the curing ink forms a layer of polymer that no only protect paper but with is resistant to most solvents. LED ink, LED varnish are used to reserve areas or full size making those areas treated with varnish striking.

ULTRAVIOLED® technology is a completely ecological and compatible with the future. Has no risk of Mercury or Ozone pollution compared to UV o H-UV.

ULTRAVIOLED® is 100% compatibility with mercury standard and restrictions.

ULTRAVIOLED® switches on and off instantaneously and safety to print-wash-print interval.

ULTRAVIOLED® provides over 20000 working hours against 2000 hours of UV or H-UV.

ULTRAVIOLED® individual led units, size 22x133 mm., in solid aluminium alloyed with copper, improving the emitter cooling. Led UV optics keeps emission rays parallel to any curing distance, ensuring exceptional curing at high print speed.

LED control units; HMI touch screen 7”; stabilizes the emission of LEDs, control the refrigerant fluid, uniquely cooler each of the 133 mm., LED segment. Ergonomic control, intuitive, all functions are present by symbols easy to use and understand.