CREM is a company that is becoming a reference of innovation and technology in the graphics art sector.
Our otigin came from year 1974, founding company by Francisco Belmar Ros, Spanish, with considerable experience in graphics art sector, who decided to be based in Murcia, Spain.

The company was founded combines transparency, and latin character and agility. Not least enviromentally friendly and sustainable manufacturing with people working in this purpose.

CREM work today following the rules of its founder to provide our model internationally, creating new business opportunities in different areas to all our customers.

What do we do?.

CREM specialized in the formulation in creates solutions for graphics arts with hi technology, streamline and facilitate production by generating new business models in your company.

Where are we going?

We want to lead a change in the graphics arts value chain that enables access to last hi technology worldwide to be more just and safer, reaching more people in more places.